Monday, June 02, 2008

UCSB Conference on Convex Duality method in Mathematical Finance

The conference will be held on the seaside campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara, June 22-27, 2008. The program will focus sharply on recent developments in applications of the convex duality method to problems in finance.

Meeting schedule

Principal Lecturer
Dr. Marco Frittelli is Professor of Mathematical Finance at the University of Milano, Italy, having held positions at Florence, Milano, and Urbino Universities and visiting scholar positions in several universities in the USA and Europe. He is a member of the Editorial board of The Annals of Applied Probability and a member of the Scientific Council of the Bachelier Finance Society.

Dr. Marco Frittelli will deliver 10 lectures on the topic of Convex Duality Methods in Mathematical Finance.

Abstract of the lecture series

Invited speakers
One-hour talks will be presented by the following invited speakers:
Sara Biagini (Perugia, Italy)
Alexander Schied (Cornell)
Mihai Sirbu (UT Austin)
Mike Tehranchi (Cambridge)
Mingxin Xu (UNC Charlotte)
Thaleia Zariphopoulou (UT Austin)